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Home Remedies That Ease Acid Reflux

Acid reflux disease is a common condition affecting men and women in Charleston. The condition is characterized by heartburn that occurs as a result of acid flowing back into the esophagus. While the symptoms of acid reflux can occur any time, they’re especially common after eating spicy or acidic foods. Many home remedies for acid reflux ease some of the symptoms that the condition causes. Use the home remedies in addition to care from charleston gastroenterology for the healthiest options available for your future.

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Self Care

Self-care always helps us live our best lives inside and out. You can try simple strategies such as elevating your pillow in the bed to ease the symptoms of acid reflux disease. Additionally, you can drink water to ease the symptoms.

OTC Medications

Antacids are especially popular for people that suffer from acid reflux. They’re easy to use and work in a matter of minutes.  The product is also affordable so anyone with any size budget car purchase them for relief. However, they do not help everyone, so this is a hit or miss solution.

Modify Your Diet

Diet modification almost always benefits a person who is suffering from acid reflux disease. It is ideal to learn what foods are responsible for your acid reflux and eliminate them from the diet altogether. However, a doctor can provide a list of foods that are known to irritate the condition if you prefer.

Don’t Overeat

Along with modifying the foods in your diet, making sure that you do not overeat is beneficial to treat this condition. Overeating causes an array of health problems, particularly those related to acid reflux and all simple to avoid by being mindful of the amount of food that you eat at every meal.