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How Will I Keep My Partial Dentures In?

If you just dealt with having some teeth extracted and are facing the possibility of getting partial dentures, then don’t worry. Your partial dentures are going to be easy for you to get used to, and a lot less painful than other options like implants, and with much less time to recover.

Of course, one thing people worry the most about with dentures when they are discussing getting them with their partial dentures weeki wachee fl professionals, is how their partial dentures are going to stay in their mouth without falling out. Isn’t this a problem almost anyone with dentures has to worry about?

Just How Are Partial Dentures Kept in?

When people think of holding their dentures in, they may have flashbacks to Grandpa messing with his denture adhesive (that looks almost like a tube of toothpaste). While that is a common way for a full denture to be held in securely, this isn’t how partial dentures work.

With partial dentures, you still have some “normal” teeth to work with. Your partial denture doesn’t actually “adhere” to your gums with sticky adhesive. Instead, it has little clasps attached to it that you will be able to wrap around your natural teeth to keep the partial denture in place, securely.

Your partial denture simply acts as a new set of artificial teeth, going where your natural teeth used to be before the extraction. They can clasp right onto the other, natural teeth, to keep them firmly in place without you having to worry about searching for a tube of Poli-Grip.

partial dentures weeki wachee fl

Hopefully, you’ll be happy to know that your partial denture will be a lot simpler to deal with than what someone with a full set of dentures has to go through on a daily basis. On the other hand, thanks to your partial dentures, you will still be able to eat and smile with confidence again, not having to worry about people noticing the gap where your extraction site used to be.